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SMART learning is the way forward!

Speaking another language is a challenge, but a very rewarding ambition. As soon as you "utter" the first words to a native speaker and you receive an answer that you expected or the right action follows, that is truly the best motivator to continue learning a language.

How often do you go out as a beginner with a “ self made script”, for example, to buy something? Very proudly you produce the first 2 sentences, which then triggers a waterfall of questions and comments and you feel completely lost. It is true the ability to speak fluently is not an overnight activity, even for the really gifted amongst us, it will involve some effort. The SMART learning method I use for my teaching are tools to make the road to communicate in English easier.

From my own experience, I always wondered why one word or phrase sticks immediately and other expressions take so long to reproduce. There is a big gap between seeing or knowing something for the first time, engraving it into your mid- to long-term memory followed by having the confidence to use the language. For some, hearing yourself speak in the target language often holds people back, confident individuals sometimes don’t take the time and patience to really absorb the new language and stay at beginner or intermediate level. It is clear that you need a potpourri of techniques, productive “speaking and writing” and receptive “listening and reading” in order to improve your skill in English.

For me listening and understanding stands out as a trigger to overcome the hurdle to speaking. Listening to many different voices covering many accents discussing a variety of subjects is a recurring exercise in my lessons. Understanding a dialogue and being able to respond is the goal. I use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and follow the Cambridge curriculum to plan your lessons. I will support your journey to achieve English fluency with smart tools and techniques, measure progress by incorporating your feedback and check progress with tests or exams, create achievable lessons, give dedicated and realistic homework and last but not least let's have fun, but not waste precious time. Marleen @englishafirenze,

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