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Where do you fit in? Some examples.

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Time & Place to be agreed


You work in Utilities as an accountant and know that if you want to profile yourself better and progress to European responsibilities, English is a requirement.

We will cover the basics grammar but set in your world to feel the progression. Listening, understanding & how to respond are crucial.

Time & Place to be agreed


You are working in the tourist industry welcoming and organising trips for clients. You would like to interact better with your customers. 

We will repeat some of the basic grammar, but focus on what  your target group needs or likes to hear. Being a tourist guide and host myself this is a familiar route.

Time & place to be agreed


Already working in a highly competitive business environment, but you have the feeling you cannot express yourself properly hindering your progression.

Tailor made to your work environment we will find discussions, audio and other methods to quickly progress.

Time & Place to be agreed


At this level the pre-assessment what you want to achieve is really important. Are you studying for an exam to get certified or are you in need of English conversation to keep up the confidence.

Based on your interests I will provide relevant material to the maintain and improve your knowledge of English.

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