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Three ingredients

Self-belief and confidence in your own ability to speak another language are essential. So do believe you can. Trying to get the pronunciation 100% right from the beginning is important, but let it not stop you to start speaking. Ask yourself how many different English accents are there in the world. Quite a few. We all know British, American, Australian and Irish accents, which are being voted as the most interesting ones. But Indian English, Standard Singaporean English and Jamaican are other examples. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are finding your own sound a bit strange, just be reassured that you just sound like someone else already and your own stamp is equally interesting.


A true accelerator to how you progress lays with your own motivation. Of course, it is key that a teacher motivates, but certainly, in adult learning, the learner's input is the key ingredient.


It occurs to me that some students think that learning a language just "happens" by taking a few lessons. But natural it requires just a bit more. Read, listen en use the language as much as possible.

Also don't forget to take a break once in a while to digest the knowledge you acquired, resting the brain does do wonders. When ready to start or to continue, get in contact.

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