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What is UBU?

I am not referring to the University of Bristol nor the Universal Bomb Unit.

The top definition of the Urban Dictionary is as follows: Written version of “You Be You” that encourages individuality and the freedom to be yourself and tell the world who you are.

UBU is associated with the Domo character. A profound meaning connected to a seemingly simple image of a Japanese cartoon figure that conquered the world.

One of my students found a job where they use UBU as their “motto” so everyone can be themselves. This really hit a nerve with me. Knowing yourself and acting in that way is essential.

Once you start learning a new language, you really expose yourself and your vulnerability. I applaud all students who set out on the journey. In the past year, I taught over 2000 lessons. During that time, I have seen more UBU than ever before.

Keep it up!

Marleen @

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