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Granted a rich word!

Take for Granted

The verb to grant as well the noun a grant is multi-layered. The word popped in my head because of my life turning slowly back to normal, after the hopefully first and last lockdown caused by the COVID crisis, here in Italy. The signs are positive. Our freedom to travel before the crisis was something I took for granted. Without questioning I considered it a normal way of living, but I am firmly put in my place as life throws unexpected things at us.

Get a Grant

To receive a grant can mean that to you receiving a sum of money. If you are a student the grant or allowance is granted to further your education. However, it can also be used to express that you receive an award. For example, the top 2 students are granted an award. This not necessarily linked to money, but can take different forms, like recognition or entry to another course.

Other than in education if you live in a rental house with no so much means, you could apply for a subsidy or a grant with your local community. To get the grant, you would need to fill out some forms to explain the reasons why you should be granted some extra help.

Grant Options

Grant stems already from the 13th century and it evolved from the use as a legal term, meaning it is accepted, but there is no proof, to a daily used word. In business, grant options are used as employee retention schemes. The employee can buy them so the company will also get shares in the company and the benefits are twofold. The company sells shares, which is good for the shareholders and the companies market position as well as increasing employee retention. The payout is only allowed after a set time, mostly 5 to 8 years as a minimum, promoting the employee's loyalty. The employee, assuming the grant options make a profit, will gain more than a regular saving scheme.

Granted, I do agree with you, this is not all and there are more ways to use the word. Don't hesitate to learn more about the application and I look forward to discussing it with you.

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