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Fine line between jargon and clarity


Fieldcore a great company I worked for, uses " Field Services Focused on World-Class Execution", a slogan to attract customers. Internal catchphrases are even more concise, they include words like 'Safety, Integrity, Boldness' or even shorter statements like 'Simple & Nimble'. If the catchphrase easily translates in the company's elevator pitch it is a good one. It functions as a memory aid and marketing tool. Equally important, it promotes company identity for all employees.

Behind the catchphrases

Behind a catchphrase sits a company strategy describing the detailed service and offerings. Reading some strategic statements, vocabulary such as omnichannel CX orchestration, segmentation framework, multidimensional segmentation, ambivalent frameworks and intelligent platforms are plentiful. Still with me? Not straightforward? Right, I agree. To understand the intention you have to reread sentences sometimes 3 times.

The right approach

Complicated language makes more sense business to business (B2B) as you need to convince clients knowing as much as you do. If you are in a specific branch like science or technology jargon comes with the trade. However, business to customer (B2C) I believe that customers look elsewhere if there is no immediate clarity. Time is money!

Meaningful and professional

I do think there is a way to come across professional, showing that you can apply the finer details of a business strategy or a service. Writing in-depth white papers and reports is still needed, but when selling to your customers, very often non-native English speakers, remember to be concise, honest and use understandable language.

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