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Back to basics. The Simple Present

Don't forget the 3rd-singular - s -

The conjugation of verbs in English is indeed more straightforward than in many other languages. Please do not forget the 3rd-singular -s-.

The infinitive is "to make" and the base verb is "make". So for I, You, We, and They, we use the base form of the word "make" and for He/She/It, we say "makes", e.g. he makes an excellent cup of tea.

How to differentiate the subject

Please do never forget to actually say the I do, he does or they do. This is the only way to know who is actually taking action or the subject. You can be singular as well as plural, so the context of what is being said or written tells you what is meant.

5 verbs

Set yourself a goal to get 5 verbs under control at a time, gradually expand your knowledge. Start with "To be", To have", "To get° and last but not least "To like" and "To make". Every learner can download free apps where you can check the conjugation and translation of words. I use WordReference which is very helpful. It is based on Artificial Intelligence, so occasionally the use in a sentence is not reliable but certainly helps. Their conjugator is good.

Try it out yourself

Please find here some free resources to test your knowledge.

5 verbs - below the resource, as well the links to my website:

Present Tense Exercise A1_1
Download DOCX • 373KB

When ready try this next step. Simple tense with a negative and/or a question:

Present Tense Exercise A1_2
Download DOCX • 425KB

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