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A bed of roses

Life is certainly not allowing us now to compare it to "a bed of roses", there is nothing blissful and comfortable right now. I would love to change all news from Covid19 to more cheerful news. One thing not affected by the virus is the garden and spring, also our cat is blissfully unaware of all what is going on.

So therefore just a picture from my garden today. Why? What has this to do with teaching English?

There are already so many blogs, the best 50 English expressions, the 10 most used phrases, the best online courses, "Do-it-yourself". And yes I look with admiration at all those products of various qualities. But at the end of the day we are all human, we would like to be treated as such, and get some one-to-one attention. Discussing real life situation and placing it into context of what concerns you is what I am all about. Whether it is business orientated or related to homework or housework. All is equally important.

Marleen, your professional and down-to-earth teacher @EnglishaFirenze, @Englishonline

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